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Top 10 Most Popular College Majors


College is a chance for you to explore your interests and passions. You’ll be given the freedom to do and study what you want, and eventually choose a major that will guide you to the career path you want.  

But in deciding a major, prioritize what you really want. Do not choose based on what your parents or friends have taken or tell you to take. You’ll miss out on exploring new opportunities and discovering yourself. So when the time comes that you have to choose a major, make sure that you’ll enjoy learning and doing it in the future.  

Choosing a major will be in your hands but if you are still undecided, check out this ten of the most sought-after majors that might help you. 

1. Computer Science

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

Computer science majors learn about computers, both hardware and software, and understand how humans and computers interact. You’ll learn everything about programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, and numerical analysis. One of the most useful skills for a computer science major is the problem solving. Computer science majors also deal with a lot of mathematical problems, so it helps to be logical, creative and imaginative.

2. Communication

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

Communication majors are usually great storytellers. You will develop your skills in communication through presentations, video productions, photography, and writing. More than that, communication majors will be exposed to several communication theories and gain a deeper understanding on the relationship between communication and the society. Graduates of communication majors will have a variety of career options from business, advertising, public relations, media, government, and social services. 

3. Business Administration and Management

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

If you’re a natural leader and a goal-oriented person, then consider taking up a business administration and management major. As a student, you’ll take classes about organizational behavior, economics, business management, and leadership - these will help you develop your decision-making skills.  

You will also have a deep sense of understanding on the current trends and how consumers react to them. You will learn everything about marketing and selling products to a specific and potential customers.

4. Psychology

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

If you’re interested in knowing how and why people react to certain situations in their lives, then this might be the major for you. Psychology majors focus on understanding how the human mind works from learning, intelligence, motivation, emotions, perception, personality, and mental disorders.  

Psychology majors and psychologists cannot read your mind. Instead, psychologists study, educate, and communicate problems relating to the human behavior. As a graduate, your job is not only limited to being a psychologist or a therapist but you can also be a teacher, child development specialist, or even a medical doctor.

5. Government/Political Science

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

Political science is the study of government, public policies, political theories, and political behavior. Political science majors build and develop skills in communication, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and research. Political science will also require a lot of reading and writing so prepare yourself if you plan to take up political science in college.  

As a political science graduate, you will have a wide variety of career options to choose from - politics, nongovernmental organizations, or even pursue a degree in law.

6. Elementary Education and Teaching

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

One of the toughest but most fulfilling jobs in the world is teaching. Teachers touch a lot of their student’s lives, they guide children and young people and help them become a better person and citizen. As they say, teachers are our second parents.  

So if you love to teach and if you love children, consider majoring in education. As an education major, you’ll take a diverse range of classes from education psychology, class management, and early child development.

7. Nursing

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs. In a healthcare facility, nurses are always there to comfort the patients and assist doctors. So this in-demand job will also require a lot of training and studying from the students.  

Nursing students will take traditional science and liberal arts courses in their first year, then begin with clinical rotations at hospitals or health care facilities by their second year. Once they graduate, nursing majors will have to pass a certification exam before being recognized and officially registered as a nurse.

8. English Language and Literature

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

If you love reading books, consider taking an English language and literature major. You’ll find yourself studying and reading about the history, literature, and works such as writing, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.  

More than that, English majors will develop a greater understanding about world history and sharpen their skills in critical thinking.

9. Economics

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

In a nutshell, economics majors study the production, allocation, and consumption of good and services. Hence, economics will have a lot of mathematics and critical thinking. Economics is a great course to take if you plan to go into the world of business, it helps you understand the complexity of the modern world.

10. Biology

Top 10 Most Popular College Majors

Biology is everywhere - from plants to humans. Studying biology will allow you to look into the composition of life, the environment they live in, to problems and issues concerning the life of a human, plant, or an animal. Biology majors usually proceed to study medicine, or in fields such as biotechnology and genetics.  

Picking the current most popular majors might not be the smartest choice, it also lends itself to the assumption that if they are popular, there is a demand. The market will decide which degree ends up being the best one for finding a job, but it is still better to stick to the notion that your choice should be based on what you think you will enjoy and be successful in. 

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