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Study Hacks to Ace Your Final Exams


Final exams are usually the last chance students get to pull their grades up. It is also designed to allow students to demonstrate how much information they have retained from an entire semester.

For some students, they are put into a “make it or break it” situation. Their performance in the final exams depends on a mixture of good preparation, material review, working with study buddies as well as being well-rested and energetic.

Knowing how to prepare for finals is the key to avoiding stress and acing every single one of your exams. Here are some top-notch tips that can make studying for finals more efficient and less overwhelming.

1. Time management and start with a game plan

Study Hacks to Ace Your Final Exams

Cramming causes anxiety which lowers your ability to retain information. Students need to manage their time, and this is made possible by laying out a schedule. It would be effective to keep track of the different exam and project schedules in a planner or on a phone. Through this method, you will be able to see a clear picture of what should be accomplished. Making a list would also help you prioritize what to accomplish in terms of urgency. You can break down your days into different study periods to effectively allocate your study and break times. This will allow you to pace yourself for efficient studying. 

Studying would be most effective if done a week before so recall is much easier. It is more realistic as well to familiarize yourself with a ton of information in more than one night. Students must ensure to stick to their study schedule to avoid future complication.  

In addition, having a study game plan is necessary as each class may take more time studying for than the others. Again, this will allow you to get your priorities straight and allocate your time effectively. 

2. Prepare your study materials

Study Hacks to Ace Your Final Exams 

It would help if you arrange all your study material as it is laid out in the syllabus. Before attempting to study, you must prepare all their study material first and get supplementary ones either online or in the library. Preparing this beforehand would prevent you from digging through your bags and flipping through various files for your notes.  

The organization will also allow you to study the material without a hitch as it follows a certain flow. Doing so would allow you to gauge which particular subject matter would need more time to study. The arrangement would also give you an idea of what topics would for sure come out in the final, and what topics would have a low probability of being part it. 

3. Consult your professors and form a study group

Study Hacks to Ace Your Final Exams

Consult if necessary. Professors are more than willing to clarify subject matter as the exam is students’ last chance to do well. Of course, make sure to come to the consultation prepared, having read the subject matter beforehand. Be open to attending review sessions spearheaded by the professor or notable achievers as well.

 You can also opt to form study groups with peers as two heads can be better than one. Through these groups, you can discuss subject matter with each other and clarify certain concepts. Classmates can serve as reputable guides. However, if you prefer to study alone, you should at least not be afraid to ask questions whenever necessary.  

4. Familiarize yourself with your learning style and be creative.

Study Hacks to Ace Your Final Exams  

Some people are very visual and study better with flashcards or by rewriting notes. Others prefer to talk about the subject matter as it helps them remember better. Some people make songs or mnemonics, others get by through a lot of practice. Being familiar with your learning style and utilizing it to your advantage makes learning efficient and fun. 

5. Maximize practice-testing.

Study Hacks to Ace Your Final Exams

Try to do practice tests if necessary and test yourself on the subject matter. At times, answering problem sets, homework, and taking past exams are effective as these help you gauge what still needs to be worked on. 

6. Take care of yourself before the exam.

Study Hacks to Ace Your Final Exams  

Breaks are necessary in order for the brain to properly process all the information. Make sure to get at least six hours of sleep before the exam, hydrate, and eat a healthy meal before it. All-nighters, fatigue, and stress build-up often make thinking and recall much slower. 


Ultimately, a positive attitude can go a very long way to be successful. By keeping these tips in mind, hopefully you will find that final examinations don’t have to be as stressful as you previously thought.


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