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53 Questions with Peng Peng, international student in Singapore (NTU)


Meet Peng Peng. A current student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), who is in her 3rd year of Bachelor's studies in Aerospace Engineering. Prior to entering NTU, she graduated from National Junior College. And she is an international student from China who have been in Singapore for 7 years.


1. What school do you study in?  

Nanyang Technological University

2. Do you/others have a nickname for the school? 


3. Why did you choose this school?

The school really care about students’ welfare, and facilities are comprehensive. Comparatively, living expenses here is also not as high as in United Kingdom or United States.

Scene (Questions that give hints of the school culture)

4. What is a scene that you often see in the school? 


5. What is one thing that you wish you knew before enrollment? 

That aerospace engineering is boring.

6. Your school is great, but if you could change one thing, what would it be? 

Exam system.

7.  And if there’s one thing you’d never change? 


8. The unofficial uniform of your school is? 

Quite diverse.

9. When you meet a new friend for the first time and you have to describe your school with one word, what would it be? 


10. What is one place in the school that you are proud of? 

The Arc.

53 Questions with Peng Peng, international student in Singapore (NTU)The Arc at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

11. If you could swap programs for a day, what would it be? 

Computer science.

12. What is a common myth of your school? 


13. If you ever had to stay in school past 9pm, what would it be because? 


14. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in the school? 

Different animals roaming around school.

15. What is your one guilty pleasure you indulge in in school? 

Skipping classes.

16. If you were given $5 million dollars to revamp the school, what would you do with it? 

Change the facilities in the labs e.g. the PCs.

17. In between classes, where can we find you? 

Study benches.

53 Questions with Peng Peng, international student in Singapore (NTU)Study benches in Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Tips (Info for future students)

18. What is the best place to be as one with your laptop and lecture recordings? 

Any place is great.

19. In the occasion that the school has to downsize till only ONE food place remains, what will it be? 


53 Questions with Peng Peng, international student in Singapore (NTU)MacDonalds at North Spine of Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

20. For free electricity in the school, where would you go to? 

North Spine study benches.

53 Questions with Peng Peng, international student in Singapore (NTU)Study benches at North Spine of Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Programs & Electives

21. What program are you in? 

Aerospace Engineering.

22. Is this related to your dream job? 


23. Do you know the actual value of your degree? 

$60K for 4 years.

24. Do you think a degree in your course is cost efficient in terms of the quality of education you are receiving versus what you are paying? 


25. In your opinion, how much should a degree in your program cost? 

$8K for 4 years as there are too many online lectures and self learning to justify the $60K (4 years) price tag.

26. What is the most unforgettable module you have taken? 


27. If you could be exempted from any module in your program, what would it be? 

Modules that you need to memorize a lot. One module that is quite useless is Engineering Communication where its aim is to teach you how to present. Yet those who know how to present already are good anyway and those who don’t know remain poor, so it doesn't really help anyone.

28.What advice would you give to future students about module selection and planning? 

In year 1, you can try taking year 3 and 4 modules if there are no prerequisite. It helps you to gain an overview and for you to know why you are learning the year 1 modules for.

29. If you had to choose one, would you advise a Singapore Junior College (JC)  or Polytechnic (poly) student to join your program? 

No difference.

30. In what scenarios will any student be exempted from any modules? 

No exemptions.

31. Theory vs. Practical. In what ratio would you say your program content is? 


32. On a scale of 1 – 10, how employable do you think students from your program are? 

Depends on what you’re aiming for.

33. Name 3 job fields people from your program go into. 

Engineering, finance, aerospace related fields.

34. Favorite Professor? 

Prof. Chou Xiaw Meng who teaches Mechanics of materials. Although I got a C for this module, I still like him as he is good at his job, very patient, responsible and encouraging. He is now also my Eureka professor.

35. What is one thing that most people don’t know about your program?

It’s not cool at all, and we don’t build planes and rockets etc. There’s really no space involved AT ALL, it’s mainly about maintenance.

36. Ideal tutorial class size versus reality? 

Only tutorials – number of students’ varies. Number of students attending depends on whether the professor is good and class size can range from 5-30 students.

37. Given a chance to go on exchange, which country would you choose? 

I went to Netherlands earlier as TU Delft has one of the best aerospace engineering program. At TU Delft, a student can re-sit for the examinations many times just to achieve the best grade they can for themselves and there, student can access any course materials even if they are not enrolled in the module/ program, purely for their own interest.

38. Common exam formats include: 

Math paper.

Extra-Curriculum & Other Schools Activities

39. Outside of the curriculum, do you have any other commitments in school? 

Aerospace society, NTUshare.

40. Would you say that it is difficult to manage both studies and other school activities? 


41. In your opinion, are there enough clubs & societies in school for students to choose from? 

Yes. However, even though NTU brands itself as a research school, I feel that there are not enough research clubs.

42. How do you think a Extra-Curriculum Activity add value to a student's overall experience? 

Help one to grow and find purpose of life.

43. The most memorable school event that you have attended would be: 


44. If you had to pay to NOT attend a particular event in school, what will it be? 

I don’t really like to attend school events.

45. Is the school doing enough to engage students? 

No. We have been complaining about the S/U since year 1 but now I’m in Year 3 and nothing has been done yet.
Context: S/U option allows you to choose an elective that you do not want to take into account into your GPA. In other schools, you can S/U a particular module after you get your final grade but in Nanyang Technological University, you have to exercise your S/U option before you know your final grade, purely on how you feel after you have taken the exams which doesn’t make sense to many students.


46. Do you stay on-campus? If yes, see below: 


47. Which part of campus do you stay at? 

Hall 4.

48. Name 5 adjectives about your hall/hostel. 

No hot water, Poor WIFI, Facilities quite good, No canteen, Staff are friendly.

49. Would you sacrifice an “A” for one of your core modules to secure a spot at hall/hostel? 


50. How would you describe hall life in a phrase? 


51. Are the amenities in the halls comprehensive? 

Yes. Except for the lack of hot water.

52. If you can only bring one electrical appliance to hall, what would it be? 


53. Worst room mate ever? If not best? 

I’ve only ever had 1 roommate from year 1-3 and we were JC classmates.


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