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4 Reasons Why High School Performance Matters


If you are planning to go to college, it’s important you take the right classes in high school. While high school is all about fun and self-exploration, performing well academically definitely has its advantages. Besides accolades, medals, and certificates, your grades tied up with your extracurricular will make a great impact on your resume and college application.

In contrary to the saying that, “grades are just mere numbers”, grades are still important indicators or proof of your character, determination, and commitment both in academics and extracurricular activities. Always remember it is much better to be over-prepared than to be under-prepared.

To make this point even clearer, here are some reasons why your high school performance matters: 

1. Open the door to colleges and universities

Most, if not all, colleges and universities do not only require a pass in college entrance tests for students’ admission, they also take academic and extracurricular performances into consideration to have a glimpse of the holistic capability of the applicant. It serves as a clear reference on how well an applicant balances academic and extra-curricular activities to ensure your well-rounded-ness and preparedness to be admitted to their college or university.

2. Good grades lead to scholarship, grants

A good high school track record also opens doors for more scholarship and grants upon entering the collegiate level. Most companies and academic institutions offer great scholarships to those who have acquired a minimum grade point average (GPA), depending on their respective GPA requirement. When you need financial assistance, your impressive grades may be able to land you one.

3. Future employers care about grades

Although most companies will not ask for your GPA directly in your interview, surveys have shown that most still scan through high school and college performances or transcripts as main indicators of competence. For employers, good grades translates to one’s capability to have tasks finished and done well without too much supervision.

4. Boost self-esteem and confidence

Aside from the practical reasons, getting good grades affect one’s self-confidence as it also validates all the hard work and effort exerted on studying and being active. As your confidence grows, excelling in both academics and extracurricular makes every sleepless night and tiresome days worth it.

Although high school performances aren’t the end-all, be-all of one’s future, it definitely serves as a clear basis on what to expect on a person’s skills and capabilities. Despite all the reasons mentioned, keep in mind that it is always better to exert your best efforts into everything - be it on academic or school activities to make the most out of everything.

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