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The Ultimate Guide to the College Search


There are thousands of colleges and universities in the world and you want to get into the best school for you. However, finding the right school where you will be happy and successful is not easy as it seems. To find the right school, you have to consider several factors that could help you determine which college or university perfectly fits you and your field of study.

Although there is not magic formula for choosing a college, here are some factors you may want to consider in finding the right fit:

1. Program Offering

The Ultimate Guide to the College Search

Universities all over the world offer a variety of degree programs. To start your quest in finding the right one, you should first, be able to find schools that offer the degree programs related to your field of interest. After that, create a shortlist of prospect universities. Take into consideration the curriculum, especially the core and elective subjects in deciding to ensure that the program is in line with the career path you intend to learn and explore.  

2. Affordability

The Ultimate Guide to the College Search

The affordability of college education is one of the main factors to consider in deciding which school to enter. Most prestigious and premier universities in the world come at a costly price - some even reach six figures, promising an education that is “world class” and “globally competitive”. As we all know, this kind of education isn’t accessible to all walks of life. With this, universities and colleges vary on fees, depending on whether it is a private or public school. Besides tuition fee, you also have to consider the  location, lodging, allowance, and other miscellaneous fees that should be factored in your prospect school choices.  

3. School Ranking

The Ultimate Guide to the College Search

A certain prestige is given to universities and colleges which are highly accredited in academics. Certainly, these attributions come as one of the determining factors for students who are about to enter college. Rankings in general education and certain specializations are taken seriously by the universities’ administration. They spend their time and effort in dealing with performance management through spearheading training and seminars for their faculty to ensure that they are at their best performance. With this, it is safe to look up on your prospect schools’ rankings in terms of the entirety as a university to get a glimpse of their academic culture.

4. Personal Recommendations

The Ultimate Guide to the College Search

It’s always safe to ask for college advice from family, friends, and colleagues. In fact, nothing beats real accounts from people who had experienced it or at least known about it firsthand. In this manner, you have the luxury of time to really inquire on the things you are curious about - be it about a university’s academics, culture, tradition, and environment. Maximize your opportunities to talk to them and ask for some recommendations to gather preliminary schools that’ll be included in your shortlist.

Choosing the right university is indeed a tough decision to make. Just remember that in deciding, you should always take time to factor in all possible factors - even those that weren’t mentioned - into consideration to help you maximize your potential as a college student.  Finding colleges that meet your search criteria is just the tip of the iceberg. Just because a school has your favorite major does not necessarily mean that is the right college for you. You should also get to know your potential colleges if it is truly the right choice for you.

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