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5 Tips On How to Manage Life As A Working Student


In the era of globalization, most students are choosing to work while studying full time at a college or university.  College can be expensive so an extra income is very helpful for your everyday expenses.  Although some students have enough money to pay their fees and be able to accommodate the necessities of life, they still chose to work.

However, having a job and balancing both of your responsibilities can be tough.  

College is the time when you should be able to grow and learn about yourself while also having fun, not a time when you are stressed out because of the never ending pile of responsibilities and tasks you have to accomplish.  

But just like everything else, there are ways you can do to successfully manage both your work and your studies.  

1. Carefully plan your schedule

If you plan to work a full-time or part-time job while you are in college, be sure to plan out your schedule really well.  

Don’t just choose your class schedule randomly, instead plan your work schedule around your class schedule.  

Choose your class schedule carefully. Don’t have too many breaks in-between each class, you will have little time for your work. But if you do happen to have breaks in-between classes, use them wisely. 

5 Tips On How to Manage Life As A Working Student

2. Manage your time properly

“Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.”

Just like with any other responsibilities you have, manage your time properly and avoid procrastination.  

Once you have your final schedule of your classes and work, make use of your free time for studying or for doing your homework, or if your work schedule is flexible use this time to finish your tasks.

Your sleep schedule will also depend on your time management. As a college and working student, you will need sleep so manage your day properly so that you can go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Aside from that, you should also know how to eliminate time wasters. For one, choose a job that will limit your commute time. Inquire for jobs inside or just around your campus. Another one is to prepare your meals ahead of time this will not only cut your time but it will also save you a lot of money from buying food everyday.  

5 Tips On How to Manage Life As A Working Student

3. Choose a job that you enjoy

If you are given the opportunity, choose a job that you know you will enjoy. College can be stressful already so doing something that you will enjoy won’t seem like a job. By doing so, you might have more energy to do your work especially on days when school requirements are piling up or even when your requirements are draining you. 

5 Tips On How to Manage Life As A Working Student

4. Schedule proactively

Having a to-do list is very helpful if you are in college. To-do lists help you organize your day and your tasks and will be extremely helpful if you are also juggling your work. You will know what tasks you should accomplish, both for your school requirements and work. Plus having a to-do list will help you remember what tasks you need to do and what deadlines you have for the week.5 Tips On How to Manage Life As A Working Student

5. Find time to sleep and relax

College is already stressful - you have classes to go to, requirements to submit, and exams you need to study for, but even more stressful if you have to balance your work as well which is why it is very important for you to sleep and relax. Deal with stress accordingly and look out for signs of burnout.  Make an effort to still keep yourself healthy and fit so that you can perform at your best in school and at work. When everything becomes overwhelming, just step back and take moment to relax. Watch your favorite show, go out with friends, read your favorite book, or even go out to shop - do whatever you can to unwind for another day of school and work.

5 Tips On How to Manage Life As A Working Student

Your commitment to getting an education and being employed at the same time will pose great challenges along the way but having the right time management skills will make it a whole lot easier.

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