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Life as a dormer


Some say that living in a dorm is one of the most life-changing and integral parts of your holistic growth as a person. Upon entering college, living away from home is one of the possibilities you may want to take on. However, being a dormer has advantages and disadvantages. While it may be exciting in its very essence, it’s not easy as it may seem.

On a positive note, to be alone and away from your family for the first time truly feels so liberating. The world becomes your oyster and you are now granted the freedom to explore the wonders of your college life.  

Here are some of the pros of living the dorm life: 

1. Social life

Life as a dormer

Possible friends are just a few steps away from your dorm room. Mingle with others and build friendships with your roommates and hallmates to ensure a peaceful environment. 

2. The idea of solitude and independence 

Life as a dormer

No more nagging and annoying siblings you get to do what you want anytime you feel like it.  Naturally, you are also entitled to a bit more independence when living in a dorm - you get to decide for yourself and figure things out on your own. 

3. Proximity

Life as a dormer

Living in a dorm saves you from the hassle of commuting. You get to sleep longer and wake up on a later time since you are most likely 5 to 10 minutes away from your campus. It saves time, effort, and more cost efficient.  

Staying at the dorms also means that you can have more time to study at the library. If you need to study or use materials from the library, you can stay out late or even leave until your library closes and you won’t worry about commuting or traveling back home. 

However, the world isn’t always full of sunshine - it is inevitable to feel sad and a little bit homesick from time to time.  Below are the cons

1. Limited Space 

Life as a dormer

Since you will be sharing the room with two or more people, you have to respect each other’s personal space. Have the courtesy to maintain cleanliness in your room and initiate having cleaning schedules.  

Aside from that, respect each other’s things. If you need to borrow something, always ask permission from your roommate or dormmate and always remember to return it in the same condition when you borrowed it.  

2. Little Privacy 

Life as a dormer

Sharing a room with someone means that you’ll most likely have less privacy. This means that you won’t be able to keep much from each other -you can even hear them snore, burp, and break down. Given that you have little privacy from each other, you still need to respect each other’s space.  

3. Distractions 

Life as a dormer

Dorm life can be so loud and noisy. With you and your roommates’ friends coming over, it becomes inevitable to hear unnecessary loud voices and music. This may become a huge problem during the midterm and finals seasons where tests and requirements pile up.  

In the end, all the pros that you can gain will outweigh the cons. After 10 or 15 years after graduation, your dorm will be the first place you will visit because aside from wherever your family is, it’s going to be one of the few places that you will consider as home. You may miss your family and friends at your lowest points but you have to remember that your life as a dormer prepares you for the real world - a world wherein independence and sense of responsibility is a great advantage.

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