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Top 5 Engineering Schools in the US


Engineers are viewed as the backbone of our society. From buildings to technologies, engineers are in demand, and so is the major needed to earn a degree.  

Getting a degree in engineering will give you more opportunities such as getting a high salary and it is one of the the most sought after majors. Engineering course requires a lot from students - quick problem-solvers, has an attention to detail, leadership skills, and a good team player.  

Aside from having the skills to be an effective engineer, a good training school is also a plus. In the United States itself, there are some colleges and universities with a competitive  engineering program. If you see yourself working in the industry, here are the five of the top engineering schools according to US News.  

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Founded in 1861, MIT, as it is famously called, is one of the most prestigious universities in the US. According to data from US News, the acceptance rate for freshmen for fall 2016 was 8 percent.  

But despite this tough application, MIT excels in scientific research and development and offer degree programs in five schools including the School of Engineering. According to a data from 2016, more than 5,000 out of the 11,000 enrolled students       were in the engineering school.  

Currently, MIT is ranked first in the 2019 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs and third in National Universities.  

2. Stanford University 

Stanford University is also one of the top universities, if you’re considering to take an engineering degree. Founded in 1885, Stanford ranks second in the 2019 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs. 

Of the five most popular majors,engineering ranked number one with 20 percent. Aside from that, Stanford’s undergraduate and graduate engineering program is highly ranked.  

Stanford is also known for some of their notable alumni including business magnate and inventor Elon Musk, who earned a PhD in energy physics, golfer Tiger Woods, former  US president Herbert Hoover.  

3. University of California - Berkeley 

Commonly known as Cal, the university offers a variety of engineering programs including Bioengineering,Civil & Environmental  Engineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, Engineering Science, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Nuclear Engineering.  

Cal’s engineering program is third in the 2019 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs. 

4. California Institute of Technology 

California Institute of Technology, or Caltech, was founded in 1891. Caltech is known  for its research and education, specifically on science and engineering. They offer degrees programs in Aeronautics, Aerospace, Medical Engineering, Mechanical           Engineering, and others.  

Caltech is currently ranked fourth in the 2019 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs. They have produced a number of faculty and alumni with national and international recognition including Nobel Prizes, National Medals of Technology and Innovation, and National Medals of Science.  

5. Georgia Institute of Technology 

Consistently named as an elite engineering school, Georgia Tech, a public institution was established in 1885.  They offer undergraduate programs in Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and more.   

Engineering seems to be one of the few secure fields of expertise in our ever changing society, so why not consider it as your career path? 


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