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53 Questions with Sabrina, Singapore (NUS)


Meet Sabrina. A current student at National University of Singapore (NUS) who is in her 2nd year of Bachelor's studies in Business Administration. Prior to entering NUS, she graduated from Victoria Junior College. And she is a local student from Singapore. 


1. What school do you study in? 

National University of Singapore (NUS)

2. Do you/others have a nickname for the school? 


3. Why did you choose this school? 

I like the business curriculum in National University of Singapore (NUS) more than that in Nanyang Technological University. And I am not interested in Singapore Management University and the other universities. So that left me with only one choice.

Scene (Questions that give hints of the school culture) 

4. What is a scene that you often see in the school? 

People studying. 

5. What is one thing that you wish you knew before enrollment? 

That unlike classes in Junior College or Polytechnic, you don’t always see the same people in class and you have to be okay to do things on your own sometimes. 

6. Your school is great, but if you could change one thing, what would it be? 

The shuttle buses. Not just the frequency but also the drivers. They can stop abruptly and it can be quite dangerous as the buses can be full of standing passengers. 

53 Questions with Sabrina, Singapore (NUS)A2 shuttle bus in National University of Singapore

7.  And if there’s one thing you’d never change? 

Our flexibility. National University of Singapore (NUS) let students take control of what we want to study and there are not many restrictions. For example, if we want to do double specializations, we can do it without a minimum GPA or CAP but in other universities there might be such a requirement as far as I know. 

8. The unofficial uniform of your school is? 

I think it varies from faculty to faculty but students mostly wear faculty t-shirts. 

9. When you meet a new friend for the first time and you have to describe your school with one word, what would it be? 


10. What is one place in the school that you are proud of? 


11. If you could swap programs for a day, what would it be? 

Either Medicine or Law.

12. What is a common myth of your school? 

Nothing I can think of. 

13. If you ever had to stay in school past 9pm, what would it be because? 

Studying during periods before finals or staying late for activities (CCA).

14. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in the school? 

A rooster in the hall and it will start waking people up at 5am or 6am each morning.

15. What is your one guilty pleasure you indulge in in school? 

Eating café food instead of canteen food at places like Reedz at Business School.  

53 Questions with Sabrina, Singapore (NUS)Reedz cafe in National University of Singapore

16. If you were given $5 million dollars to revamp the school, what would you do with it? 

I would upgrade/refurbish the halls. 

17. In between classes, where can we find you? 

Any places with a study bench I guess. 

Tips (Info for future students) 

18. What is the best place to be as one with your laptop and lecture recordings? 

Utown. Either the Starbucks there or the Education Resource Center where there are many study benches and cubicles for students to use. 53 Questions with Sabrina, Singapore (NUS)Education Resource Centre in National University of Singapore

19. In the occasion that the school has to downsize till only ONE food place remains, what will it be? 

Faculty of Arts Deck Canteen’s Mala stall. 

20. For free electricity in the school, where would you go to? 


Programs & Electives

21. What program are you in? 


22. Is this related to your dream job? 

Kind of, I want to do a lot events planning, marketing kind of work and a Business degree will help. 

23. Do you know the actual value of your degree? 

~$5K per semester. 

24. Do you think a degree in your course is cost efficient in terms of the quality of education you are receiving versus what you are paying? 

No. I guess the facilities are okay but as per the professors and materials we use in class it’s not really worth it in my opinion.

25. In your opinion, how much should a degree in your program cost? 

~$3.5-$4K per semester. 

26. What is the most unforgettable module you have taken? 

Math modules. It’s different from the kind of math we learn in Junior College and I like that it gives me a different perspective on a subject I like. 

27. If you could be exempted from any module in your program, what would it be? 

Data Analytics.

28.What advice would you give to future students about module selection and planning? 

Don’t be ambitious when you plan your days.  Because most of the time you won’t wake up for morning classes. 

29. If you had to choose one, would you advise a Singapore Junior College (JC)  or Polytechnic (poly) student to join your program? 

No difference eventually I guess. Junior College students have been trained to learn fast but Polytechnic students have a head start in terms of program content as some of the things they have already learnt in Polytechnic. 

30. In what scenarios will any student be exempted from any modules? 

Students have to go through tests to be considered for exemptions. Polytechnic students also have less Unrestricted Electives (UEs) to clear so they can graduate about a semester earlier. 

31. Theory vs. Practical. In what ratio would you say your program content is? 


32. On a scale of 1 – 10, how employable do you think students from your program are? 


33. Name 3 job fields people from your program go into. 

Investment Banking, consultancy, finance

34. Favorite Professor? 

Ms. Nuri Choi that teaches Korean. 

35. What is one thing that most people don’t know about your program? 

There are a lot of modules that you have to take to fulfill graduation requirements but bear 0 credits. 

36. Ideal tutorial class size versus reality? 

Currently it’s about 20-30 students per class which is quite ideal for me. 

37. Given a chance to go on exchange, which country would you choose? 

Canada, more for personal interest. 

38. Common exam formats include: 

Multiple Choice Questions or short answer questions. 

Extra-Curriculum & Other Schools Activities

39. Outside of the curriculum, do you have any other commitments in school? 

Community Service Club. 

40. Would you say that it is difficult to manage both studies and other school activities? 

Mine is more ad-hoc in the sense that it’s a one off thing so I’m only busy during the time when the projects are underway. So all in all, I would say it is manageable. 

41. In your opinion, are there enough clubs & societies in school for students to choose from? 


42. How do you think a Extra-Curriculum Activity add value to a student's overall experience? 

It helps you to grow as a student. 

43. The most memorable school event that you have attended would be: 


44. If you had to pay to NOT attend a particular event in school, what will it be? 


45. Is the school doing enough to engage students? 

There are platforms, but they are not well publicized. 


46. Do you stay on-campus? If yes, see below: 

I used to stay at Raffles Hall.

47. Which part of campus do you stay at? 

Raffles Hall. 

48. Name 5 adjectives about your hall/hostel. 

Green, Chill, Fun, Relaxed, Enjoyable. 

49. Would you sacrifice an “A” for one of your core modules to secure a spot at hall/hostel? 

No, as it’s not that important to me. I would say that it’s a good experience to be had, at least in the year that I have stayed in hall.  So if you have the financial means, go ahead. 

50. How would you describe hall life in a phrase? 

I’ve had many late nights. 

51. Are the amenities in the halls comprehensive? 

Yes. For whatever that is not available, you can find it close by as Raffles Hall is in the middle of National University of Singapore so it’s convenient to travel around. 

52. If you can only bring one electrical appliance to hall, what would it be? 

Portable Air-conditioner, but it’s not allowed. If there are random hall checks, we would have to hide it. 

53. Worst room mate ever? If not best? 

I lived in a single room so I never had a room mate. 


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