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5 Reasons Why Psychology Might Just Be The Course For You

Pao P

Psychology is one of the most popular courses in the field of Behavioral Sciences. Undergraduates pursue this course not only because of the huge range of careers it offers but for personal development as well. 

As a major in this field, you will be taking selected classes covering different subjects such as research methods, personality, development, and cognition. Analyzing people’s behavior will also become second nature to you, and if you like helping people lead better lives and solve real-world problems, then psychology may just be your thing.

Although clinical psychology remains the largest subfield within the course, there are many other choices as well. The number of fields psychology encompasses continues to grow, and with this variety of choices, you can definitely fit yourself among all of these.

Here are some of the reasons why a degree in psychology may be perfect for you;

Learn More About Yourself and Others

Like mentioned earlier, personal development comes along while taking your steps within the course. Have you ever wondered how people behaved the way they do? Have you always wanted to learn more about your mind and human nature as a whole? Psychology covers most of these topics, and will often make you an expert when it comes to understanding people.

It Opens a Wide Range of Career Choices

Clinical psychology has a very high demand, from different government institutions to schools and hospitals. Having a great understanding of the behavior of people and why they do things is a very marketable trait in a wide variety of jobs as well, including marketing, education, advertising, marketing, and politics. 

Hone Your Skills in Gathering, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data

Majors in psychology spend a lot of time researching and gathering data, which will prove valuable in selected careers including advertisers, scientists, marketers, and educators. Evaluation and decision-making skills are often crucial in businesses as well, where you could find your methods and statistical expertise highly utilized.

Psychology Is Fun and Rewarding Work

Helping people resolve different complex emotional issues can be extremely rewarding, often infusing you with a sense of fulfillment in understanding more about the human mind. If you often like engaging yourself in problem-solving and diving deeper into the mysteries of oneself and others, then you wouldn’t go wrong with psychology.

Impress Your Friends AND Future Employers As Well!

All the aforementioned skills above can be an easy ticket to landing a job with your future employers, as being an expert in communicating complex data and understanding human behavior are often highly sought-after by companies. 

Not only that but being able to know a lot about human behavior comes along with learning many psychology facts. Everyone knows how talking about people and how you understand them can often impress anyone. You’ll find yourself a lot more popular with friends and acquaintances as they talk to you more about how they’re interested in your field of expertise. 


By Pao P
Works as Customer Service Representative/Technical at Sykes Asia Inc.