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Angelo Jurane


They say time is gold. Time is very important on our life if you cant manage it you will be having 

big problems. I hope these Steps on how you can manage your time will help you

Step 1: Plan Ahead 

Make sure you start every day with a clear idea of what you need to do – what needs to get done THAT DAY. Consider making it a habit to, at the end of each day, going ahead and writing out your “to do” list for the next class. That way you can hit the ground running the next morning.

Step 2: Organize yourself

Utilize your calendar for more long-term time management. Write down the deadlines for projects, or for tasks that are part of completing the overall project. Think about which days might be best to dedicate to specific tasks. For example, you might need to plan to make a project. 

Step 3: Prioritize Wisely

Priortize tasks based on importance and urgency. For example, look at your daily tasks and determine which are:

Important and urgent: Do these tasks right away. 

Important but not urgent: Decide when to do these tasks.

Urgent but not important: Delegate these tasks if possible.

Not urgent and not important: Set these aside to do later.

Step 4: Set a time limit to complete a task

Setting time constraints for completing tasks helps you be more focused and efficient. Making the small extra effort to decide on how much time you need to allot for each task can also help you recognize potential problems before they arise. That way you can make plans for dealing with them.

For example, assume you need to write up five reviews in time for your assignment. However, you realize that you’ll only be able to get four of them done in the time remaining before the deadline. If you become aware of this fact well in advance, you may be able to easily delegate writing up one of the reviews to someone else. However, if you hadn’t bothered to do a time check on your tasks beforehand, you might have ended up not realizing your time problem until just an hour before the meeting. At that point, it might be considerably more difficult to find someone to delegate one of the reviews to, and more difficult for them to fit the task into their day, too.

Step 5: Set goals correctly

Set goals that are achievable and measurable. Use the SMART method when setting goals. In essence, make sure the goals you set are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Step 6: Take a break between tasks

When doing a lot of tasks without a break, it is harder to stay focused and motivated. Allow some downtime between tasks to clear your head and refresh yourself. Consider grabbing a brief nap, going for a short walk, or meditating.

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Lila L 
Nice write-up!