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How does a programmer solve problems differently from a non-programmer?

Lila Sonnenschein L




Programmer, what stuck in your mind if you hear this word? Is it all about a person who knows all about technology? Who can fix your computer whenever you need them? Who hacks your social media account or even the security of the government?

Many people have high expectations when they got to know someone who is a programmer. Some might say why can’t you solve this or that because as a programmer, you are supposed to know everything about computers and internet. Based on my experience, however, we are just like somebody else who knows certain expertise.

Nurses and doctors know a lot about medical stuff. Artists are good in arts. Lawyers use laws and bills to protect their clients. 

We, programmers, are here to improve things and solve problems using technologies. But how do we solve problems differently from others?

We hack

Hacking not in a bad way. In solving problems, programmers don’t stick with conventional solutions. To us, old solutions might be inefficient or it could be hard to do. We tend to improvise things so that we solve the problem in a better way and share with other programmers so that others can use it too. 

We see a problem, and we wanna build a tech solution to solve it

When we see a long line in a fast food chain. Most people will think of adding extra counters that will cater more customers. It is a good solution but it will take more space. For us programmers, we will think along the line of inventing and coding a self-ordering machine that can reduce counter space and service people needed to run them. 

We think in programming languages in our head

As a programmer, we have our own language that other people with different expertise may not understand. We use technical words that only programmers can decipher. Sometimes even when we are not in front of our computers, we code in our head, when driving, washing dishes etc. 

So yes, we sometimes don't think in English, Spanish or some other spoken languages, but in Java, Python, PHP etc.... 

We love to share knowledge 

We are a friendly and open bunch of people. We love our community and like to contribute and help other learners in this field. There are many close-knit programmer platforms and groups online, such as Github, stackoverflow, and countless facebook communities. 

These are all I think how programmers solve problems differently from non-programmers. If you know more, please comment down below.

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