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We are a social platform with the mission to serve students worldwide.

You can access on our platform genuine content and information about schools and programs, contributed by our active users for the benefit of other students and future generation of students.

In addition, we are also building a vibrant online community and ecosystem for tertiary education, a place where students can connect with each other.

From future proceeds, we intend to help schools and students from the less affluent parts of South East Asia.

Panti Asuhan Ummi Al Fitrah Orphanage, Riau, Indonesia.


We believe in the power of knowledge. By providing educational materials to children in disadvantaged communities, we offer them a better opportunity to self-learn, self-motivate and excel in life.


The idea of (aka OSAU) is to build a community where students support fellow students in their pursuit of further education. To build an authentic, helpful and close-knit community, we beseech all our users to follow our community guidelines which are based on OSAU values of Trust, Commitment and Kindness.

  • Be kind and courteous
    Respect that others may have a different opinion from yours.
  • Respect other members of the OSAU community.
    We will not tolerate any users who post threatening/hate/harassment content aimed at another individual, pertaining to topics of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disabilities or diseases.
  • Participation
    OSAU encourages participation through sharing of experiences, reviewing schools and programs, help us to make information about your school(s) and program(s) more complete.
  • Post content that is appropriate for a diverse audience.
    Content that is found to be offensive will be deleted. We do not allow nudity and/or content that is found to be too graphic.
  • Share only photos and videos that you’ve taken or have the right to share.
    Only post authentic content. Do not copy content online that you do not have the rights to
  • Follow the law.
    OSAU does not support any illegal activity and we will take any report or suspicion of abusive/illegal content with utmost seriousness.
  • No promotion or spam
    Any content found to be self-promoting or misleading/inaccurate may be removed.
  • Report abuse
    If you see any inappropriate/false/abusive/suspicious content, please report using the ‘report post’ button in each post.
  • One account per person
    Each individual should only have one account. If you’re unable to access your account, please contact us at [email protected]
  • Keep it safe
    Do not post personal information that are sensitive. OSAU will not be responsible for any unfortunate events that may or may not be due to other users of OSAU.


Q: I need help on OSAU, what should I do?

You can email us at [email protected]

Q: What are the functions available on OSAU?

The core function of OSAU is to provide prospective students unbiased information on all tertiary institutes and their offered programs. These useful insights are generated by OSAU’s online community of current students and school offices.  

In addition, OSAU also incorporates the interactive aspects where users can connect with each other to create a close-knit and sharing community pertaining to all aspects of tertiary education.  

Q: What are Experiences?

Experiences are stories shared by users to give others insights into the life as a student in the particular school and area.

Q: How do I report an offensive post?

You can click on the options button on each post and select “Report Post”. 

Q: What is the use of the heart icon in OSAU?

By clicking on the heart icon, you are saving the information for future use. 

Q: Where can I access my saved content?

You can see them under “Manage Account” tab.  

Q: Can I share posts on OSAU to my other social media accounts?

Of course, you can. 

Q: How can I connect with fellow students from the same school?

You can find them under the “community” section in your school’s profile pages. 


Q: How I reset my password for my account?

You can go to “Manage Accounts”  “Settings”  “Account”  “Account Settings”  “Password” to change your password.  

Q: How can I connect to/disconnect from my other social media accounts?

You can go to “Manage Accounts”  “Settings”  “Account”  “Connected Accounts” to find the Facebook and Google+ tabs. If you have previously signed-in using these accounts, you can choose to disconnect. If you have not previously signed-in using these accounts and wish to do so now, you can choose to connect by filling in relevant login details. 

Q: Are all information and posts on OSAU public?

All information and posts on OSAU are public by default. You can choose to limit public viewing by changing the settings under “Manage Account”  “Settings”  “Privacy”  Edit”. 

Q: How do I delete my account?

You can email us and we will do it for you.

Q: What should I do if I encounter any glitch on OSAU?

Let us know! You can click on the feedback (bug) button to give us your inputs.

Questions not answered? Drop us an email at [email protected]